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Hello!   We are Tom Draeger & Shirley Ragsdale.   Welcome to our humble home page.   Please feel free to browse around.   Perhaps you would enjoy some of our  Our Family   New Pics contains the more recent additions.  France has some photos from our 1st European adventure in 2002.  Germany is all about the 2003 trip.  Italy has some photos from our 2004 trip.  Austria describes our 2005 trip.  Italy #2 is about our 2006 trip.  Slovenia recounts our 2007 trip.  Croatia recounts our 2008 trip taken with friends.  Czech Republic we visited in 2009.  Poland was our amazing 2010 trip.  Sardinia we visited in 2011.  Rome was all Rome in 2012.  Germany #2 was a return to Germany in 2014.  Istria is about our Amsterdam and Istria trip done in 2015.  Slovakia is our 2016 trip to Vienna and Slovakia.  Romania was our most recent trip to Amsterdam and Romania taken in 2017. 
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